Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Crystal Lake Gala Parade - Saturday July 5th

The McHenry County Democratic Party and its supporters were out in force for the Crystal Lake Gala Parade on Saturday. It was a perfect day for a parade. Over 80 Democrats marched, carried signs, and distributed flags and candy to a very receptive crowd of viewers.

(Photo courtesy DiGregor).

(Photo courtesy DiGregor).

Marching with us were many candidates for office including:

Robert Abboud – Candidate for U.S. Congress in the 16th District with Newton the Energy Dog (Photos courtesy DiGregor).

Rich Garling – Candidate for State Representative, 52nd District (Photo courtesy DiGregor).

David Bachmann – Candidate for McHenry County Coroner (Photo courtesy DiGregor).

Kerry Julian – Candidate for McHenry County Auditor (Photo courtesy DiGregor).

Bob Kempfe – Candidate for Illinois State Representative, 64th District (Photo courtesy DiGregor).

Anita Harmon – Candidate for McHenry County Board, District 2 (Photo courtesy DiGregor).

Also marching with us were Kathleen Bergan Schmidt – Candidate for McHenry County Board District 3, Paula Yensen – Candidate for McHenry County Board District 5, Tom Cynor – Candidate for McHenry County State’s Attorney, and a very enthusiastic group of Barack Obama supporters.

My thanks to all the supporters that came out and made this parade a huge success. Special thanks to Andrew Georgi, Lisa Georgi, and BJ Rendine for all their efforts organizing the parade.